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HERMES Communications

HERMES Communications (HERMES İletisim) is a rising Turkish Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICT) service provider and Software Development Company. We operate in Izmir as headquarters and have regional directorships in Istanbul and Ankara.


We design, develop, support and promote ICT applications using an integrated technology in all domains. Increasing a reputation for high performance and reliability, since 2007, HERMES Communications has been one of the main business partners of Turkcell, the main GSM operator in Turkey. Since 2013, HERMES is selected as ‘Gold Business Partner,’ being Turkcell’s one of the four big partners. HERMES Communications is currently partners with all major Turkish GSM operators (Turkcell, Türk Telekom, Vodafone). HERMES has dedicated itself to the development and implementation of big Research & Development (R&D) projects with its group company called V.A.S. Telekom since 2012. V.A.S. Telekom implemented ‘The Communications Machine’ (İletisim Makinesi), which is Turkey’s First and Only All in One Digital Marketing-Communications platform. V.A.S. Telekom is among others currently developing many R&D projects, which receive financial support from TUBITAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.
Hermes and V.A.S. Telekom offer services that help businesses communicate better, faster, easier and cheaper with their customers.

Contact Information:

Phone: (+90) 232 483 33 59