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PS-Tech is specialized in Medical 3D visualization solutions and Optical tracking (navigational) solutions.


The company’s mission is to enable professionals to work with and analyze complex 2D, 3D and 4D data more efficiently and effectively.
PS-Tech was founded in 2005 as Personal Space Technologies B.V. and is a spin-off company of the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science ( The company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

PS-Tech, as an SME (10 staff), has the strategic policy to collaborate with those partners (scientific and commercial) that add most value to both technology and product development. In that respect there are collaborations within the Netherlands and Europe. PS-Tech has obtained several research grants and is part of European consortia.

PS-Tech is recognized in Europe and the US as one of the world’s most innovative high-tech companies. In 2012 PS-Tech won the ‘Dutch Accenture Innovation Award’ for its 3D Medical Visualization station ‘C-Station™’ in the category best new technology.

Contact Information:

Phone: +31 20 3311 214