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Tazi’s Automated Machine Learning platform has been selected a "Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies" by Gartner in May 2019 and is considered as "The Next Generation of Auto ML” by Data Science Central. Tazi platform is based on an architecture combining 30+ years of experience and 21 patents in AI.


Tazi enables business experts (and data scientists) to easily create, update, deploy and take actions with ML. Tazi models are understandable and learn continuously from data and human. Tazi is democratizing AI and helps banking, insurance and retail industries making smarter business decisions with its offices in San Francisco and Istanbul.

Tazi helps businesses to directly benefit from Auto ML, by realizing direct benefits like cost reduction, increasing efficiency, enhanced (dynamic) business insight, new business (uncovered) and business automation.

Tazi makes AI more usable in different applications by putting together (i) continuous machine learning with human-in-the-loop, (ii) explainable AI with model-data interactions and actions, and (iii) business friendly automated machine learning and user interfaces. Interfaces enabling domain experts to understand how a machine learning system decides are created, in terms of models, features and also instances. Domain experts can take immediate actions, such as “call customer”, “send reminder”, “call emergency” etc., they can also take actions that will update the machine learning models themselves.
A machine learning system learning continuously, from data and human, while the data change would result in a usable system in machine learning applications.

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