Daytime Project


Thunderbyte.AI - a spin-out of Target Holding - has been active in advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for over 10 years servicing international clients from Groningen (NL) with innovative, beyond state-of-the art solutions and products.


Thunderbyte.AI specialises in data analytics, amongst others the classification of unstructured data, time series based (sensor) data mining for trends & forecasting as well as natural language processing. Thunderbyte.AI uses pattern recognition and machine learning techniques on extremely large (Terabytes to Petabytes range) data sets. The magnitude of the data sets requires innovative extreme data lineage technologies to achieve acceptable performance. Thunderbyte.AI wants to grow its position in data analytics by participating in this project. Specific areas of expertise to be used in the project are data analytics, time series analysis, machine learning, and pattern recognition.

Contact Information:

Phone: +31 653329718