Daytime Project

Medical Cabinet

Medication and Medical Supply Management System

Introduction to Medication and Medical Supply Management System

The medication and medical supply management system (Stockart) Systems are used to manage in hospital’s medication and medical supply. In order to meet the medication and medical supply needs of patients, begin process starting from the pharmacy/warehouse to dispatching to the service points and ending with the using for the patient. There is a risk of health and high cost loss due to medication and medical supply losses. These losses occur as follows; theft, losing during transport between floors, counting errors, incomplete billing, order errors. For all these reasons, medication and medical supply management system is needed.

The process of medications within hospital is as follows,


Figure 1. Medication Processes within Hospital

The other process that medical material within hospital is as follows;


Figure 2. Medical Supply Processes within Hospital

Stockart System is installed in every patient unit in hospital and then pharmacy/warehouse load items within Stockart cabinets. In this way, nurses can take directly and easy that their need items. Additionally, every nurse log in system with username and password/bio id/id card combination, in this way, system can follow all of transaction. If medication/medical supply quantity decrease low level, system is alarming pharmacy/warehouse for reloaded. All processes are followed by system and are reported in system database.

Current status and use case challenges

Maintenance Process

Stockart System must run 24 hours/ 7 days therefore, components should be always correctly maintained.

Model Development

Model to support predictive service will built on top of collected machine data. Typical machine data consists of:

Configuration Data

Identifies the unique composition of the Stockart System, with identifiers for all hardware elements and versions of the hardware


One central logfile across the complete Stockart System contains in an unstructured way the workflow of the system including error events reported by hardware.

Test Data

Test results of tests executed at idle time and test results of tests triggered by FSE and RSE.

The Use Case for Stockart Systems in the context of Daytime is built around the last 3 mentioned challenges, we described our predictive maintenance topics, these are as below;

Solenoid Lock Mechanism Fault

Stockart System has lock mechanism in every component and every lock mechanism has a solenoid motor. Normally solenoid motors are shared lifecycle by manufacturer in this case, we will aim to predict broking time previously thanks to logfile.

Membran Button Bar Fault

Sometimes, membrane button bar which it is used for determining quantity of taken items can broke therefore it cannot run properly. We will aim to predict broking time previously thanks to logfile.

Sliding Drawer Operation Fault

Sliding drawer is used for preserving to high risk medication for this reason always should run under ideal conditions. It has 4 stepper motor, encode, hall effect sensor complex system. Sliding system run with high risk capacity therefore we will aim to predict broking time previously thanks to logfile.